DIY Wedding Napkin Wraps

Now, here’s a new twist on the typical napkin ring or wrapper! Rather than using string to tie up those handkerchiefs,  why not customize your napkins with these adorable diy wedding napkin wraps by Style Me Pretty. All you need to do is print a few decals, iron those napkins and Voila! Your guests will be too afraid use them because they will be too cute to touch!
DIY Napkin WrapMaterials

  • 8.5 x 11″ 80lb white card stock (like this one from Paper-Source)
  • Color Printer
  • Paper Cutter
  • Double Sided Tape
  • Napkins


1. Download the Eat, Drink and Be Married Napkin Wrap. Print using the highest settings on your color printer to ensure that the delicate text is crisp and clear. There are 2 wraps per sheet.

2. Cut each wrap on the black dotted line, making sure to cut off all of the black ink so that the edge of the wrap remains white.

3. Create a mock fold around your napkin to see where you should create the creases on each side of the wrap. After you are certain that the wrap will fit snuggly around the napkin, either fold the wraps by hand or using a bone folder.

4. Secure the wrap around the napkin using double sided tape. Please note, there is only a small amount of room to tape the wrap, so make sure that you fold the napkin small enough to allow a bit of extra room to tape the back of the wrap together.

Project Found On: Style Me Pretty