Salado Texas Circus Wedding from Posh Events

Step right up! We’ve got quite an amazing Salado wedding for you on this lovely Wednesday morning. This amazing circus wedding was sent into us my the  talented Karen Bohanon with Posh Events, this whimsical, circus themed wedding is so well executed that you really feel like you could be at a circus!  I just love everything about this wedding from the bride’s dress to the amazing display on the dessert table. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to run away and join the circus!

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Are you THAT bride?

The amazing ladies at 11:11 Events; two of the most amazing Austin wedding planners that we have the honor of working with each issue… wrote an incredible blog that we would love to share with all of our brides and readers. You don’t want to be THAT bride do you?

Written by the team at 11:11 Events

Well, it should not come as a shock as event planners, we do not always love all of our brides equally. Yes, we love them all, but some we love a little bit more than the rest. Okay, I may be in hot water to even suggest that some brides are a little easier to love than others, but who would I be kidding if I didn’t say such things. So here is the skinny on how to make your planner love you more than the rest in 6 easy steps.

1. Please love your significant other dearly. 

It goes without saying that every wedding planner worth her weight in gold can tell you if your marriage will be the one to last or a repeat customer. Yes, we know who really loves their partner to take it to the altar. So it seems almost silly to suggest not all brides exude deep love and affection for their significant other and vice versa. This is not say the groom must always be at every planning meeting to prove his love or that the bride has to go with her SO’s favorite football team to theme the wedding, but please show your love. More times than not a couple forgets why they are spending so much money on a wedding and that the whole center is the love they share for each other. Plan a date once a week or once a month that you and your lover go out and do not talk one bit about your wedding. Instead spend that time loving each other.

2. Please be considerate of our time.

April through May and October through Thanksgiving are very busy in Austin when it comes to weddings. If your date falls in one of those months, you can bet you are not alone on our list of clients to see and meet this week. Almost every weekend in October will be filled with a wedding and your wedding is just one of them. So please, if we make time to meet with you, make time to be present, on time and ready to rock and roll. Make decisions when they need to be made. Communicate within the normal business hours set by your planner. The same goes for vendors.

3. Please be nice.

Sometimes wedding planning can be stressful. This is a given. All we ask in return is for everyone when stressed to do two things. 1. Take a breath and take time to self care. If you are not sure what I mean by self care, go and read this piece here. So the first plan of action is to stop, breathe and take care of your emotional and physical needs. The second thing we ask you to do is to be nice. Just be nice. You have one wedding you are planning, we have somewhere near 15 or more so we know the stress you are feelings times 10. We want to help you have the best day of your life celebrating the love you have for your SO. Let’s all remember we are people first, then brides, grooms, planners and vendors.

4. Please be armed with a sense of humor.

Things happen. If you know what’s good for you, you would say funny things happen. Yes, things will go wrong. The difference between seeing it as a catastrophe and a hiccup sometimes is the lens you look through. Try to arm yourself with the best sense of humor. Laugh often. Not only does it lower your blood pressure, it helps smooth over the bumps we travel over while planning a wedding. So when it starts to seem a lil stressful refer to point #3 and then move on to point #4, laugh as much as you can.

5. Please don’t get caught up in perfection.

Every bride wants their day to be perfect. In most weddings, their day is in fact perfect. I will tell you though it is not because every last detail was in fact perfect. It is not because every guest had the perfect meal to accompany the perfect entertainment with the most perfect color scheme. Why would a bride tell me that her day was perfect when I know as a planner not every detail hit the head of the nail? The difference in feeling like your day is perfect and having actual perfection is one detail, being present. Instead of perfect please strive to be present instead. This goes for the planning period as well as the wedding. When you have a tasting, don’t think about perfection, think about being present. Enjoy the planning process by staying in tune with all five of your senses. Let that energy carry you into your big day, not the drive for perfection. Trust me, it is one day over in a flash and the last thing you want to say is I barely remember being there at my own wedding. Stay plugged in. Be present.

6. Please don’t exhaust your friends and family with endless talk of the wedding.

We are wedding planners for a reason. We not only plan these giant events with ease, but we love them. So please spare your bridesmaids the “joys” of hearing every last detail about your wedding. They will tire of the talk after only a few months. This is not because they don’t support your or that they are not excited for you, they just have a limited span of time to give to your wedding already. Before engagement, all of your family and friends had their lives to tend to and after engagement they still have the same old grind to get at every day. Solution: Talk to your planner. We love weddings. We can listen to all you want to share. In fact the more we know about who you are as a bride and what you love, the better we will be at our job for you. So gab with us instead.

We hope you enjoyed our list of 6 tips on making your wedding planner love you even more. We love our brides. We want you to be the bride we love so much we would plan your wedding over and over again, it was so breezy and fun. Be that bride, the bride all vendors and photographers talk about for years to come. Be that lover that puts their relationship first so that your wedding planned with us is your only wedding planned for the future.

Bliss Bridal Bash

Let me say… our very first Bliss Bash was a HUGE SUCCESS!! Thank you to all of the austin wedding vendors that participated; the booths all looked incredible!

A big CONGRATULATIONS goes out to Designer Booth 1 and all of the austin wedding vendors at 11:11 Events for their big win in our designer booth competition. Their complete team included: Sixpence Floral, Premiere Events, Baked By Amys, Piq Chocolates, Intelligent Lighting Design, The Beauty Bar, Mimosa Screen Printing, Pamcakes, and Andrew Byrne.

Designer Booth 2 Included: Designer Ken Sharples, Premiere Events, Flora Fetish, Simon Lee Bakery and Pink Tulip.

Designer Booth 3 Included: The Blueprint Events, Premiere Events, Casablanca Living, Arthouse Floral, Details Austin and Sweet Treets Bakery.



Thank you to Josh Baker with Azulox Photography and Bill Bartz with Bill Bartz Photography for these amazing photos! austin wedding vendors austin wedding vendors 3 austin wedding vendors 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30



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DIY Coffee Filter Garland

The Bliss Gals absolutely love this adorable DIY Coffee Filter Garland. It is simple, cute, and the perfect piece of wedding decor. We were not only amazed at how easy it was to create this effect, but how incredible they turned out! Here’s a step-by-step guide, so you can do it too!


  1. Food dye
  2. Spray bottles
  3. Coffee filters
  4. A needle
  5. Some yarn

Mix about two drops of food dye with water in the mini spray bottles, and then spray the filters. Make sure they dry completely. Then use the needle to poke through the center of the filters, and one by one, string them together.

Lastly, scrunch and fluff the coffee filters to make it poofy, flowery, and full.

And there you have it!! These garlands are a stunning, easy, and cost effective way to decorate your upcoming wedding.

This DIY project was found on 31 Bits.

Noteworthy Nuptials: A Vintage Hill Country Wedding

The Bliss Gals would like to send a big thanks to Vanessa Lain Photography, an Austin, TX photography business, for sharing this Vintage Hill Country Wedding with us. Vanessa did a fabulous job shooting Ryan + Eden and all 0f the beautiful details of their big day.

How the couple met:

Ryan and I met in while we were in college at the University of Texas at San Antonio. We had a couple of classes together the fall semester of ’08. After that I didn’t see Ryan for almost a year. My last semester at UTSA I just happen to be in a marketing class with someone he worked with. He added me on Facebook and Ryan noticed. He text me a little later that day asking to catch up. We set a date for dinner but both of us were not thinking this of anything more than 2 friends getting together. Somehow, somewhere through the corse of the evening it became something else. It was the best first date I had ever had! Conversation was easy! I didn’t feel like I had to be someone I’m not! It was amazing! So… Ryan and I started dating. 

The proposal:

Ryan and I had been dating for almost 3 years. I was working at a hotel and he was at Apple. It was around christmas time and I had completely forgotten to tell Ryan about my work Christmas party. I was not expecting to be there late so I kept telling him, “I will be home around 7 at the LATEST!” 7pm comes and goes…. 8pm comes and goes… 9pm comes and goes.. It is around 9:30 before I finally get out of there! So I call Ryan and apologized profusely about being late. He was so sweet and just kept say “Don’t worry, just make it home safely!”  I get home and walk in the door and all of the lights were dim. I turn the corner and I see Ryan is standing by the christmas tree all dressed up with a dozen roses in his hands. He asked me to come over, tells me that he loves me and starts to recite what I thought was the Night Before Christmas. Ryan had rewritten it to tell the story of our relationship! (He even recorded it!) At the end he say “Will you do me the honor of becoming my wife!” of course I said yes…. Then let the planning begin! ;) 

The big day:

I am an event planner by profession, so every one kept telling me “ Oh so this will be easy for you!” NO.. not because I wasn’t so excited about planning but because I had soooo many ideas! I finally decided that i wanted our wedding to be simple but elegant. I didn’t want huge floral arrangements or over the top place settings… just simple! I had also always dreamed of being married outside on a beautiful lawn with trees surrounding it. When Ryan and I went out to see Sisterdale Dancehall it was everything I had ever dreamed of! The lawn and alter were perfect! The dancehall had so much character on its own that I knew there wasn’t much more that I needed to do to it! We set our date for November 23rd. The quirky and funny part about getting engaged when I did was that my mother was also getting re-married in July. We had originally planned to go to the Austin Wedding show for my mom but it just worked out that I got to do a little shopping around myself! Vanessa’s booth was the first one I walked up to. but I FELL IN LOVE with her work then even more with her! I knew after talking with her for 5 minuets that she had to take my wedding photos! After that it was almost like everything just fell into place. Within 2 months I had everything planned out.. Flowers, DJ, Caterer, Venue, photographer, Even Dress!!  Planning the rest of everything was great! Then it came to our wedding week. I was crazy about checking the weather everyday…. it didn’t look good! At one point it was supposed to snow on our wedding day… WHAT?! I could slowly see all of my dreams of a beautiful outdoor wedding slowly disappearing. I think I went through every emotion known to man those few days. I tried to think of every option to make the wedding happen outside.. Tents, Heaters, another venue.. None of it was going to work out and my only option was to have the ceremony inside the dancehall that was not what I wanted. I had to remind myself what this day was actually about and that it wouldn’t be happening if I didn’t love Ryan more than anything. So I woke up morning of with a whole new outlook! Even If it wasn’t what I planned it was going to be perfect! It was soo cold that day, no rain but a frigid 40 degrees. Everything WAS perfect! The Ceremony was very intimate and quaint! nobody even noticed the cold by the time the reception started because we were dancing our tails off! We needed it to be cold outside so we could cool off! :) The only time I even noticed the weather was when we were taken pictures and even then I was so determined so have pictures turn out well that I didn’t care. I was sticking it out! All in all, I couldn’t have asked for a better wedding day. The stress of everything made it so much better when we just got to let loose!

Photography: Vanessa Lain Photography – Austin, TX Photographer | Venue: Sisterdale Dance Hall | Catering: Fusion Catering | DJ: Magic Productions | Floral: The Tuscan Rose | Hair & Makeup: Charish The Day