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Angela Sims- Publisher

Hi there! I just have to put it out there – my job totally rocks. For someone who’s obsessed with finding the next cool thing, DIY projects, and weddings there is, literally, not a better job. Now, it was a long and windy  road to get here, but looking back going through all life’s twist and turns were leading me right to this spot.

With big dreams and brief detours (Including a stop at a local newspaper followed by a longer stay as  the Associate Publisher of  The Central Texas Bride Guide), I jumped head first into the big city, starting with the idea of creating just a wedding blog. After talking to few investors and marketing guru’s in LA and Orlando I decided to do an online and print magazine with an interactive blog as well as focus on social media.

I can still remember the day I dreamed of Bliss… Rewind to November of 2011, my  husband had been in the hospital fighting a rare brain fungus  for 8 months and my grandfather who raised me was fighting stage 4 cancer.  I was working as an independent contractor on several graphic design jobs a.k.a. “a struggling artist”. My husband was the bread winner of the family until he fell ill. It came to the point where I had to ask myself… “Angela are you going to sink or swim?”  After a motivational speech from my grandfather , one night sitting in the corner of my husbands hospital room I found myself designing mock up layouts, front covers, looking up photo shoot ideas and so on.  Before I knew it I was designing a company logo and website and hit the streets of Austin.  I had worked as a graphic designer for several local publications, knew the entire process of how to own a magazine but never imagined doing it myself. I wanted a place I could be creative and show brides that there is more to a Texas wedding than mason jars and burlap. This time though I wanted to make a living  doing what I loved and I did just that!

Hometown: I grew up in West (comma) Texas, you know the place where you stop for Kolaches :)  until I was 21.  My parents and family still live there.  That will always be home.

Alma Matter: Tarleton State University + Texas State Technical College

Major: Tarleton State University ( Bachelor of Business Administration- Marketing) and Texas State Technical College (Graphic Design Program)

Birthday: June 25th 1988 – yes, I’m 25

Favorite food: Chicken & dumplings, pepperoni pizza, potato soup, potato wedges, coco pebbles, big macs, bushes chicken, french fries, breakfast burritos, chocolate

Favorite color: Hot pink, Grey, Teal and Black

Favorite non-wedding blog or site:

Favorite part about working at Bliss: Our incredible Bliss Events, creating styled photo shoots, working with inspiring creative people and getting to look at great photography!

I am committed to: God, My Family, My Friends, Bliss, My Clients

I love: my iPhone, Starbucks frappacinos, HGTV, itunes, Photoshop, traveling, history, Facebook, shopping, scary movies, photography

My motto: If you’re not excited about it, no one will be!



1- Where ever I go- inside or out you are bound to see these glasses in tote!

2- Being that I am the publisher of Bliss… I eat, sleep and breathe EVERYTHING Bliss Bridal Magazine.

3- I’m an apple girl! If I am not in my office, my macbook pro goes everywhere with me. I never leave the house without it!

4- J’adore by Dior is my favorite go to perfume! It smells classy and elegant!

5- With deadlines and late night designing you can bet that Starbucks has became my best friend. Vanilla Bean Frappacino – ALL THE WAY!

6- I’ve always had short lashes and have tried every mascara under the sun – by far this is the best mascara I have ever found for volume and length!

7- I love to travel to just about anywhere. I love history and am fascinated with the early 1940′s-1960′s. Visiting Graceland was the most amazing trip this year!

8- This is my FAVORITE purse by far! It holds everything from magazines, dog treats, EVEN BELLA! There is a ton of room and I can wear it with anything!

9- You may not be able to tell, but I have the most curly – frizzy hair on the planet! My amazing husband bought me my first GHD straighter after I heard it was better than a Chi and I have not looked back since!

10- Bella is my 4.8 lb maltese – she’s the next best thing to having a daughter – you never see me without her!

M o r e   i n f o